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Posted by Melanie on Jul 28, 2014 • Candids, Photo Gallery0 Comments

Hello everyone,

I’ve added new medium candids photos of Danny seen arriving his pre-wedding dinner at STK restaurant in London on July 27. Enjoy!

- Candids in 2014: Pre-wedding dinner at STK restaurant, London – Jul 27

Posted by Melanie on Jul 17, 2014 • Charity Work, Georgia Horsley, TV alert!0 Comments

McFly star Danny Jones and his fiancee, former Miss England Georgia Horsley, have won £5,000 for charity in memory of a young woman from Leicestershire.

The couple, who appeared on the celebrity version of ITV’s All Star Mr & Mrs last night, scooped the cash after answering a series of questions about each another correctly.

They have donated their prize money to the Cry (Cardiac Risk in the Young) charity, following the death of friend Natalie Herbert, from Birstall, four years ago.


Posted by Melanie on Jul 16, 2014 • Georgia Horsley, TV alert!0 Comments

McFLY star Danny Jones has confessed that he likes to wear women’s clothes.

The pop hunk is forced to come clean about his secret on the quiz show for couples when he admits he buys women’s jeans.

Danny, 28, says: “I get them because my legs are so skinny and they fit better.”

He also confesses on the show that he spends a long time getting his hair right and always carries a comb with him.

Meanwhile his sexy girlfriend, former Miss England Georgia Horsley, 27, has a shock confession too.

Posted by Melanie on Jul 07, 2014 • Appearances, McBusted, Performances, Photo Gallery0 Comments

Hello everyone,

I’ve added new medium quality event photos of Danny Jones of McBusted performs on stage at British Summer Time Festival at Hyde Park on July 6, 2014 in London. Enjoy.

- Events in 2014: British Summer Time 2014 – Jul 6

Posted by Melanie on Jul 07, 2014 • Current Projects, McBusted0 Comments

McBusted have reassured fans that they will not chase music trends for their new album.

The supergroup – consisting of McFly and Busted’s James Bourne and Matt Willis – will start work on their debut album under their new moniker later this summer.

“I think it’s always a mistake if you try and chase what is current,” Tom Fletcher told Digital Spy backstage at their British Summer Time show in Hyde Park, London yesterday afternoon (July 6).

“If we started writing now, then by the time it’s released it doesn’t matter. We’re very proud of the fact that the songs we play now still feel as fresh as they did ten years ago when they were released.”

Posted by Melanie on Jul 05, 2014 • Candids, Photo Gallery0 Comments

Hello everyone,

I’ve added new medium candids photos of Danny seen arriving at Fearne Cotton and Jesse Wood’s wedding reception on July 4, 2014 in London. Enjoy!

- Events in 2014: The Wedding Of Fearne Cotton And Jesse Wood – Jul 4

Posted by Melanie on Jul 05, 2014 • McBusted, Performances0 Comments

Ahead of their biggest ever live show together, McBusted reveal their thoughts on releasing new material, going on stage with the Backstreet Boys and getting the chance to headline London’s Hyde Park.

Only forming their ‘supergroup’ collaboration from McFly and Busted back in Autumn of last year, McBusted have had a whirlwind eight months together, playing a string of sell out arena shows across the UK before earlier this year revealing plans to produce their first album together.

‘The first thing you’ll hear is probably a single, and hopefully an album will follow. We’re just getting it going now.’ James Bourne, founding Busted member, tells The Metro.

Getting to see the site on Wednesday, ahead of their headline performance on Sunday evening (July 6), the band explained the excitement and tension they were feeling. Bourne said: ‘It’s just a big tease, it’s like you’re going out with this really fit girl Sunday night and here she is now but you can’t touch her until Sunday.’

Posted by Melanie on Jul 04, 2014 • DannyJonesFan.com0 Comments

You may be interested in the following eMail I received:

Hi there!

My name is Kyra and I’m a huge fan of Lilian Carmine’s new book ‘THE LOST BOYS’!

Lilian wrote about a band in her book and they’re based on McFly!!! It’s so epic, you guys have no idea!

She changed their names, but you can still see all of the boys there, it’s the coolest thing ever! Her readers’ favorite boy in the band is the bass player (who can blame them, you cannot NOT love Dougie, right?).  But I love Seth/Tom the most, he’s the most adorable geek ever! But who am I kidding, all the boys are amazing, right? You can’t pick a favorite, they ALL rock! <3

Lilian’s book is so awesome! Since I’m her number #1 fan, I decided to help advertise the book (I’m making a fan page for TLB) and I also think McFly fans will frigging love reading this! The story has action, ghosts, A BAND, lots of music and romance, I think you’re really going to like it! Please give it a chance!

Posted by Melanie on Jul 04, 2014 • McBusted, Miscellaneous0 Comments


It’s not often that we’re left so speechless that an entire chocolate biscuit can fall out of our mouth without us noticing, but today is that day thanks to the fairly scandalous revelations that McBusted and One Direction like to shower together during the Where We Are tour.

Let’s all just take a minute to imagine quite what that would look like.

We’d imagined that this type of thing only happened in the smuttiest of fan fiction, but apparently nothing gets McBusted and 1D ready for a show like soaping each other up in the shower and since they were sharing a dressing room when they toured together last month, things ended up getting rather steamy. As in there was a lot of hot water swishing about, obviously.

Yep, apparently 1D and the McBusted boys have no boundaries when it comes to a bundle in the bathroom and chatting to Good Morning Britain about it, Matt said: “I think Niall [Horan] was a bit fascinated about how we’re all in the same dressing room. How we’d fit!”

Posted by Melanie on Jul 04, 2014 • McBusted, Miscellaneous0 Comments

Just ask Charlie eyebrows

Since becoming the unstoppable force of McBusterection on the Where We Are tour, the McBusted gents have sort of become the wise, supportive older brothers to the One Direction lads, in what must literally be the fittest family in the entire universe.

Being veterans at the old boyband lark, they’ve been offering up all sorts of bits of pearly wisdom to 1D, and the latest sparkly piece of advice is something that we fully support – do NOT go solo anytime soon. We always knew those McBusted boys were smart ones.

As usual, rumours have been flying round left, right and centre recently that Harry Styles is planning on embarking on a separate solo music career one of these days (despite the fact he’s denied it like, 923981241 times).

But the McBusted boys have warned that although it might seem like a good idea now to Harry or any of 1D, he could soon be sat sobbing into his Fightstar tshirt, eating microwave meals for one and wishing for the good old days with his four amigos.