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See the world through McBusted’s eyes as they talk about a world record breaking show coming to Echo Arena

How does the world look through McBusted’s eyes? Can the world really be as awesome as they tell us? We lent the band a Googleglass – a hands-free wearable computer and camera – to record a McBustedview of being in Liverpool – here’s what their interview with the ECHO looked like.

So what can we can we look forward to from your Liverpool gig?

James: It’s going to be the best show we’ve ever done.

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Now that you’re back to chillin’, maxin’ and relaxin’ after dying a bit when you discovered they’re supporting One Direction on the Down Under (oi oi) leg of the OTRA tour, McBusted have decided to shove another boy band shaped bomb in your direction by announcing the tour dates for their 2015 ‘Most Excellent Adventure Tour’. Hoooray.


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EXCITABLE Boyband McBusted talked cakes, The Cockpit and all things Leeds when they came to the city today.

The lovable lads visited the First Direct Arena to talk to the YEP about their upcoming tour, but inevitably ended up steering the conversation onto their love of baking and wandering around the streets of Leeds at Halloween.

The supergroup, made up of band members from McFly and Busted, will perform at the arena in March.

Speaking about his love for the city, McFly lead singer and guitarist Danny Jones said: “Leeds is a great, vibey place.”

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Two close friends have gone the extra mile to support their favourite pop super group by having ‘McBusted’ tattooed on their toes.

Gemma Lomas and Laura Bloor met at a McFly concert 10 years ago and decided to get matching tattoos the day after seeing newly-formed pop band McBusted.

Gemma, aged 31, an administration officer, from Rugeley, said: “We kept joking about getting matching McBusted tattoos, after a while we’d joked about it that often that we just decided we should do it as we’d been fans of both bands for so long and if it hadn’t been for McFly we wouldn’t have even met each other.

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THE Supergroup will return with their latest tour which is based on the theme of the cult film.

IF you thought McBusted’s last tour was impressive with their entrance in a Delorean and trip on a UFO, then prepare for another spectacle.

The lads are back with a tour based on the theme of cult film Bill n Ted’s Most Excellent adventure and we can only imagine what they have in store.

Could they be having weird encounters with Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln and Beethoven?


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Five want to team up with McBusted.

The boyband – made up of Ritchie Neville, Sean Conlon and Scott Robinson – have been spending time experimenting in the studio and are keen to get the rockers in on the act after Sean struck up a friendship with band member James Bourne.

Sean said of the ‘Air Guitar’ hitmakers – James, Dougie Poynter, Matt Willis, Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd and Danny Jones – who they supported on their tour last summer: ”We really like them guys.

”I’m good mates with James Bourne as well so hopefully whilst we are in the studio experimenting… well hopefully we can get in with James as well and see if we can bring something to the table.”

Scott added: ”We are in the studio at the moment sort of experimenting and stuff like that. Like Sean said, he’s got a relationship with James which would be great.”

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As you can probably imagine there are very few things in life we wanna see more than One Direction and McBusted frolicking about together Down Under (ooh er). So obviously we’re over the moon and shimmying about on Saturn over the news the McBusted boys are officially supporting 1D on their Australian On the Road Again tour.

Yup – it was rumoured a while back but now Matt, James, Danny, Tom, Harry and Dougie have announced they’re joining the lads on’t road next month and are pretty ‘stoked’ about the whole situation tbh. As is Niall Horan, who’s basically so McBusted AF he might as well have ‘5/5 McBusted follow’ in his Twitter bio.

Announcing the news yesterday, the McBusted lads chucked a video message thingamajig on the interweb saying: “We’re so stoked to announce we’ll be joining @onedirection on their upcoming Australian Tour from Feb 6-Feb 20!!” [sic]” And obviously, being the massive fangirl he is, Nialler’s running around like a headless mango and lime butterfly chicken. When Matt suggested he sings his verse of 3am (which was cruelly left off the McBusted tour), Niall replied: “I’ll do anything to sing that.” Bless the little sausage.

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Pop rock supergroup McBusted are returning to play Sheffield Motorpoint Arena and we have tickets to be won.

The band consists of McFly stars Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd, plus Busted’s James Bourne and Matt Willis.

With the excitement of 2014’s incredible, jaw-dropping arena tour still ringing in fans’ ears nationwide, and almost exactly one year on from their formation, McBusted will return to the live stage this spring.

Fans can join them in Sheffield on Tuesday, March 24.

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The McBusted boys have been raving about The Vamps in a recent interview, gushing about their musical skill and stage presence.

The younger boyband joined the McB men last year for their first tour as a supergroup which gradually went from an 11 date tour to a 30+ date extravaganza.

One tour from the supergroup clearly wasn’t enough as shortly after that tour finished, the band confirmed that once again they’d be hitting the road in 2015.

Speaking during an episode of Star Stories, McBusted’s Harry Judd spoke about ‘Can We Dance’ heartthrobs The Vamps and explained that they were all left impressed by the young band.

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HE had an amazing year in 2014 as a member of pop supergroup McBusted, but when Shuffle caught up with Danny Jones the topic of conversation was all about his favourite Irish band.

Singer and guitarist Jones (28) has Irish connections, and as a teenager he loved the folk-rock group, Goats Don’t Shave, who had a big hit in the ‘90s with Las Vegas (In The Hills Of Donegal).

“I was such a big fan, have you seen any of them lately?” Danny asks. “We should get Goats Don’t Shave on tour with us.”

Danny reveals that he spent a lot of his childhood holidays in Dungloe. “My uncle Andy O’Neill and auntie still live in Cruit Island and my cousin is the local doctor,” he says.