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Tom, Danny, Dougie, Harry, James and Matt wreak havoc in new Get Over It video.

McBusted have unveiled the video for their new single Get Over It.

The track, set for UK release on January 11, is the second single to be released from the supergroup’s Top 10 self-titled debut album, following Official Singles Chart Top 20 Air Guitar.

Check out the six minute clip, featuring a friendly gorilla, an office battle and Harry using his nipples as a weapon (as you do), below:


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McBusted will appear on next week’s episode of Surprise Surprise.

The supergroup shocked one of their biggest fans for the ITV series, with a performance on the roof of London’s O2 Arena.

McBusted from ITV Press Centre on Vimeo.

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The boys were invited to a Christmas charity party along with Strictly contestants Pixie Lott and Jake Wood

The McBusted boys were invited to a charity Christmas bash at Downing Street today, and couldn’t resist paying David Cameron a visit.

Unfortunately the Prime Minister didn’t look like he was in, but the cheeky chaps took advantage of a quiet No.10 to snap some silly moments with the iconic slab of wood – the door to the house that is.

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Hello everyone,

The gallery has been updated with this months event photos (so far). Such events include: Album Signing – HMV Manchester, Album Signing – HMV Oxford Street, London, Clyde 1 Christmas Live 2014 In Glasgow, Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards and The Childline Concert. Enjoy.

– Events in 2014: Album Signing – HMV Manchester – Dec 4
– Events in 2014: Album Signing – HMV Oxford Street, London – Dec 5
– Events in 2014: Clyde 1 Christmas Live 2014 In Glasgow – Dec 6
– Events in 2014: Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards – Dec 3
– Events in 2014: The Childline Concert at the 3Arena, Dublin – Nov 30

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McBusted have been crowned Cosmopolitan’s Ultimate Men of The Year with Baileys 2014 – hurray! Although, Harry Judd got a little bit confused when he heard the news… “I’ve won Ultimate Man?”

It’s been an AMAZING 12 months for the boys, releasing their debut self-titled-album, TOURPLAY film and announcing a huge nationwide tour in 2015. Pretty impressive.

Although, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter seem to have some different ideas about why they’ve won this particular award and it’s all to do with the style of their jeans.

“It’s really cool to win Cosmo’s Ultimate Men of The Year! I mean, I’ve won a man award! I’m going to go and chuck some meat on a BBQ. We normally win Ultimate Women…” says Danny.

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While 5 Seconds of Summer spent 2014 on the cover of rock magazines, McBusted enlist Mark Hoppus and Rivers Cuomo to prove the blurring of the lines between pop and alternative is nothing new.

Imagine if 2002 had been like 2014. Busted standing proud on the cover of the biggest rock magazines, packing out poster specials and sending the sparkly unicorns of MySpace into raptures. Or in 2004, finding McFly’s ‘Room on the 3rd Floor’ beating Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ in the end of year charts. Over the past twelve months, 5 Seconds of Summer have blurred lines more than ever, but outside of the spotlight of the media glare, not so much has changed.

While the constituent parts of McBusted may never have been taken seriously as bands-with-guitars, their influence on those that were is huge. Like a gateway drug to power chords, today’s rock scene is scattered with those who (not so) secretly first were hooked in by the Blink-182 homage of ‘Air Hostess’. If being influential is about sending minds spinning down the rabbit hole to deeper, darker places, Busted and McFly might well make your favourite bands look positively hermit-like in comparison.

“I think for those teenagers back then,” drummer Harry Judd reminisces, “the most exciting thing about Busted back in the day was that you suddenly had girls who, for the past twenty years, had been into Westlife, Five, Blue, N*sync – five guys who stand with microphones, are good with a key change and do dance moves – and suddenly that whole audience was listening to Matt and James and Charlie playing guitars.”

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The world’s biggest supergroup McBusted are the latest famous faces to take on The Naked Truth, Digital Spy’s quickfire quiz that gets answers to all of the most important questions.

However, it’s fair to say that we were not expecting some of the answers we got. Which British spy film used to make Harry Judd’s willy “go tense”, and which former boyband member helped Matt Willis up after he fell down a flight of stairs? You can only find out by watching the video below.


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He described the supergroup as a holiday at “Disney Land” and promised the All About You boys will be back as a four-piece one day

James Bourne has compared McBusted to a trip to Disney Land in an effort to calm down McFly fans blasting him on Twitter.

The former Busted singer has been blamed by followers of the 5 Colours In Her Hair band after they took a break to focus on the new supergroup – but he has insisted it’s more of a “holiday”.

He tweeted: “Mcfly worked their asses off for ten years! Ten years is a long time so they decided to go on holiday for a while to Disney World or in this case, McBusted world.

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When McFly and Busted joined forces earlier this year for a massive run of live shows, they effectively doubled their back catalogue of hits.

We all have our favourite McFly and Busted hits, but we wanted to know, out of the combined pool of amazing pop tracks, which top five are McBusted’s most treasured.

5. ‘Air Guitar’
“It is actually a McBusted song. It’s the first McBusted song,” Tom Fletcher said, naming ‘Air Guitar’ in the Top 5 of their favourite singles as a supergroup. “And we want people to hear it more,” Harry Judd adds. With shout-outs to Beyoncé, MJ, Jimmy Page and Brian May, the track encompasses the very best of what McBusted stand for: witty lyrics, catchy melodies, but most importantly of all, s**t-loads of fun.

4. ‘Shine A Light’
“It’s probably one of our most prestigious hit songs,” Harry comments, placing ‘Shine A Light’ at number four. “I forget how good the verses are. The chorus gets the light of day – excuse the pun – but they are some good verses.” If you’ve ever seen McFly or McBusted perform the track live you’ll understand why it always gets a monstrous reaction: taut guitar riffs, earworm “eh eh eh”s and a singalong chorus that never fails to get the crowd fully involved.

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20141202This time last year, the newly-formed merger of McFly and Busted were coy about recording music under their combined moniker McBusted.

However, 35 sold out headline shows later – as well as a substantial online following – the guys realised there is a public appetite for the record.

Digital Spy caught up with the six-piece to talk about McBusted, the incredible celebrity references on the album and how they’re feeling about their chart competition.

Congratulations on the release of your ‘debut’ album. Are you feeling nervous or excited about it?
Matt Willis: “I think nervous is not the right word. I feel slightly anxious about everything, but genuinely, I really f**king want people to hear it. It’s excited for people to hear something that we’ve had for a little bit.”
Tom Fletcher: “It’s the worst time being in a band around the release of something or putting tour tickets on sale because it’s judgement. The rest of it is amazing fun. You go on tour and perform every night or you’re in the studio writing and just hanging out, but then suddenly it all becomes very serious and you’ve got to do stuff that isn’t that much fun. You worry about stuff and it’s always the bit where you’re the most stressed and anxious.”